Friday, November 16, 2007

Holiday gift ideas 2007

Some holiday gift ideas for your ecologically, socially, and digitally minded loved ones:

1. Apple TV - It's a slick product all-around, but by far my favorite thing about Apple TV is that it makes it easy to watch hours of TED video podcasts from the comfort of your living room.

2. GlobalGiving gift certificates - GlobalGiving makes it easy and fun to give to grassroots projects in the developing world, and see that your donations have real impact. (Admission: GlobalGiving is a former client of mine.)

3. Muji anything - Today is the grand opening of the first Muji store in the U.S. Hopefully, we'll soon see an e-commerce site, but in the meantime, head to Soho in NYC for hundreds of simple, thoughtful and (somewhat) green products. I have my eye on the rice cooker and the bike.

4. Eatwell Farms - In Omnivore's Dilemma, Michael Pollan makes a fairly stark distinction between "industrial organic" and truly organic foods. With Michael's book in mind, I tried Eatwell Farm's pastured eggs, and found them to be three times as tasty, and considerably more healthful, than the very best eggs at Whole Foods. For those in the Bay Area, Eatwell's produce boxes are a perfect gift.

5. MCG Jazz recordings- Bill Strickland is a hero of mine for his work with youth, education, and the arts. The Grammy-winning live jazz performances from Manchester Craftsmen's Guild are a special treat for music lovers, and the proceeds help support a terrific cause.


Donna said...

Hey Mark - thanks for the shout out. Starting on 11/26 we'll have biodegradeable gift cards as well! :)
Donna @

Andrea said...

Hi Mark,
Another social responsibility themed gift idea.

Step Up Women's Network's You are My Inspiration Initiative

For each donation made in the name of your inspiration, a token of appreciation is sent to your inspiration and a product or service is donated to one of the organization's underserved girls in their teen programming



THANK YOU so so much for this idea. i used it on all my presents this year. i just posted about it so i hope you'll go check it out to see how they came out! thanks again!