Monday, July 02, 2007 widget

I often tell clients that the two most exciting areas for innovation, across industries, are extreme local and global interconnectedness.

I've been working on an extreme local digital media report for awhile now, covering the latest platforms for networking and community building, only to discover repeatedly that is already investing in many of the principles and features I've been looking for.

And this morning, thanks to my neighbor Sexy Widget, I see that is opening up its site, with a widget that displays and accepts local news tied to the user's zip code:

"This widget has important implications for for a number of reasons. On the distribution side, by freeing up its content so that it can show up anywhere, has just sweetened the pot for local content publishers in terms of potential distribution reach. This is a big deal, as unlike Google News, is not a crawler driven business. It relies on content that is manually and explicitly submitted via its site, and only after a registration.

There are also benefits on the marketing side. While the widget serves as a distribution platform for content, it also serves as a marketing tool to attract more consumers and producers of local content."
(Sexy Widget)

I'll be installing the widget myself and giving it a whirl later this week. I'll let you know what I think.

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