Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sustainability and the Metaverse

I attended the first 3pointD Think Tank on Sunday to discuss Sustainability and the Metaverse. It was a good night, with insightful debate on community building, interoperability and standards, and "dirtworld" sustainability. I was of course most passionate about the latter:

"Group #4 discussed the challenges of making the back-end infrastructure that runs the metaverse more environmentally friendly, and also whether there were ways to use the metaverse to make the rest of the world more '“green,'” including virtual conferencing and the like that might cut down on fuel and other costs. One of the ways to accomplish the later might be to speed adoption of metaversal platforms by improving interoperability or finding a 'killer app' that promoted use (just as Amazon.com and eBay have promoted Web use). It was agreed, though, that despite past attempts at things like '“the paperless office,'” resource use has only continued to grow."

For complete notes from the meeting, check out 3pointD.

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winterpepper said...

Was there a banana slug in attendance? What is that thing front and center? Perhaps a UC Santa Cruz student or alum?